Buyer’s GuideTo The Best Mud Tires

  Buyer’s GuideTo The Best Mud Tires We help you sort through the vast options to find the Best Mud Tires. For the off-road enthusiast who o...

Why ArmorThane's ArmorLiner is the best spray on bedliner material available

Are you in the market for a quality spray on bedliner that will stand up to all types of abuse, protect your truck from chips and scratches, and last longer than traditional liner materials? If so, ArmorThane's ArmorLiner is the best option available. Not only does it provide superior protection against dents and scrapes caused by tools sliding around in the back of your pickup, but its durability has been tested time and time again with impressive results. In this blog post, we'll discuss why ArmorLiner is an excellent choice when it comes to protecting your truck bed and giving you peace of mind knowing that everything inside stays put even during thundering storms or off-roading trips!

Overview of ArmorThane’s ArmorLiner product and its advantages over conventional bedliners

If you're in the market for a bedliner for your truck, you're likely familiar with the different types of liners available. However, ArmorThane's ArmorLiner product offers some distinct advantages over conventional options. For one, ArmorLiner is a spray-on liner, which means it's custom-fit to your specific truck bed. This ensures a precise fit and maximum protection against scratches and dings. Additionally, the ArmorLiner material is extremely durable and resistant to UV damage, so it won't fade or deteriorate over time. Lastly, ArmorThane's ArmorLiner creates a non-slip surface that keeps your cargo from shifting during transport. All of these benefits add up to a high-quality truck bedliner that will last for years to come.

Overview of ArmorThane’s ArmorLiner and its advantages over conventional bedliners

If you're in the market for a bedliner for your truck, you're likely familiar with the different types of liners available. However, ArmorThane's ArmorLiner product offers some distinct advantages over conventional options. For one, ArmorLiner is a spray-on liner, which means it's custom-fit to your specific truck bed. This ensures a precise fit and maximum protection against scratches and dings. Additionally, the ArmorLiner material is extremely durable and resistant to UV damage, so it won't fade or deteriorate over time. Lastly, ArmorThane's ArmorLiner creates a non-slip surface that keeps your cargo from shifting during transport. All of these benefits add up to a high-quality truck bedliner that will last for years to come.

How ArmorLiner creates a permanent seal with its advanced polyurethane formula

ArmorLiner's advanced polyurethane formula is a game-changer when it comes to creating a permanent seal. This revolutionary product provides unmatched protection for your truck bed, trailers, boats, and commercial equipment. The team behind ArmorLiner has been hard at work perfecting their formula to ensure that it creates a tough, durable, and long-lasting seal that is weather-resistant, scratch-resistant, and can withstand abuse without failing. Whether you are hauling heavy cargo or simply using your truck to get around town, ArmorLiner ensures that your investment is protected for years to come. Say goodbye to costly repairs and endless maintenance work, and say hello to the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have the best protection available on the market today.

The impact on the environment from reduced VOCs and odors

Reducing VOCs and odors not only benefits our health, but it also has a positive impact on our environment. VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are harmful gases that can contribute to air pollution and climate change. By using low-VOC products and reducing the release of these gases into the atmosphere, we can help to prevent these negative consequences. Additionally, many odors are associated with harmful chemicals that can have a negative impact on our ecosystem. By reducing these odors, we can help to promote a healthier environment and ensure that future generations have access to safe and sustainable living spaces.

Easy application process – no sanding, painting or special tools required

Tired of the hassle of traditional DIY projects that require extensive preparation and lots of tools? Why not try something different? With our easy application process, you can transform your space without any sanding, painting or special equipment required! It's a simple and stress-free way to give your home a new look that's both stylish and easy to achieve. With our user-friendly products, anyone can become a DIY expert in no time. So say goodbye to the mess and fuss of traditional projects, and say hello to a quick and easy solution for all your home decor needs.

Cost savings in comparison to traditional bedliner options

When it comes to protecting your truck bed, there are plenty of options out there - but not all of them are created equal. Traditional bedliner options can be pricey, but that doesn't mean you have to skimp on quality to save a few dollars. Many more affordable options utilize advanced technology to provide the same level of protection as their more expensive counterparts. By doing some research and finding a bedliner that fits your needs and budget, you can enjoy cost savings without sacrificing peace of mind. So why break the bank for a traditional bedliner when you can have the best of both worlds?

UV protection and durability for long-term use

With summer just around the corner, it's essential to ensure your skin is protected from harmful UV rays while enjoying outdoor activities. However, it's not just about applying sunscreen. UV protection extends to the objects we use, such as beach umbrellas, tents, and outdoor furniture. Investing in items that provide UV protection and durability for long-term use means you can enjoy worry-free days outside without sacrificing safety or quality. From sun-resistant fabrics to UV-resistant coatings, the market offers a range of options to keep you and your belongings protected from the sun's harmful rays. So go ahead and soak up the sun, knowing you've got reliable and durable UV protection by your side.

In conclusion, ArmorThane's ArmorLiner is the superior choice when it comes to upgrading your truck bedliner. It's easy to use, cost effective, and offers long-term benefits that no other product can match. Its permanent seal protects from a variety of elements including dust and dirt, while UV protection prevents fading and cracking over time. The unique polyurethane formula also ensures improved interior air quality since there are fewer VOCs and odors released into the environment. Beyond its practical advantages, ArmorLiner looks great as well! So don't wait any longer – upgrade your truck with this innovative bedliner today!




Buyer’s GuideTo The Best Mud Tires

Buyer’s GuideTo The Best Mud Tires


Buyer’s GuideTo The Best Mud Tires

We help you sort through the vast options to find the Best Mud Tires.

    For the off-road enthusiast who often has the need to deal with difficult terrain of the slippery and careless range, nothing less than a set of the best mud tires will do. Naturally, when it comes time to choose a set for your truck, SUV or crossover, the alternatives are nearly unlimited. The very best mud tires are developed mainly to provide remarkable traction and bite in the sort of conditions where lesser off-road tires will slip, slide and struggle. The majority of are designed to tackle rock climbing and snow too.

    With distinctively created construction, unique tread patterns and compounds, and targeted reinforcements for long-term resilience, a set of the best mud tires ought to carry out and last for many years to come.

    Below, we'll highlight some of the best mud tires in the market that are created for dealing with the most tough conditions you and your 4 × 4 will ever deal with.

    Shop For Mud Terrain Tires

    Table of contents

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    1. Editor's Pick: Falken Wildpeak AT3W

    With appealing pricing and various innovations, the Falken Wildpeak AT3W tires are geared towards the off-road enthusiast after high performance at an obtainable price. Rugged and constructed to tackle any terrain, virtually every part of the tire has been enhanced for maximum efficiency and resilience.

    For instance, heat diffuser technology in the sidewall assists make sure the inner structure of the tire is protected from excessive wear, even under heavy load. The 3D Canyon sipe design develops extra support into the real tire treads. Shoulder blocks and an aggressive upper sidewall assistance protect your vehicle's wheels, as well as the tire sidewall, from damage.

    Most importantly, the AT3W tires are rated for severe winter season usage, making them ideal for the chauffeur who chooses to run a single tire on their 4 × 4, all year round. Owner reviews are strongly positive, with most showing that these tires are almost difficult to beat for the cost.

    When it pertains to performance and worth, these might just be the best mud terrain tires you can buy.

    Read the Falken Wildpeak AT3W review at

    2. Goodyear Wrangler MT/R Kevlar Radial

    Constructed for tough, strong performance on the road less taken a trip, these popular truck mud tires integrate the self-confidence of one of the world's premier tire producers with numerous advanced functions and innovations for a premium tire offering that'll satisfy even the critical off-roader. This flagship off-road tire functions Kevlar-reinforced sidewalls, which increase leak resistance by 30%, along with a wrap-around tread pattern developed for a strong bite in deep sand and mud. Engineers specified a silica-enhanced rubber compound for included grip in damp conditions, and the distinct asymmetric tread design supplies top-line off-road performance and enhanced on-road handling. The Goodyear Wrangler MT/R Kevlar model is amongst the very best mud tires anywhere.

    3. BFGoodrich Mud Terrain T/A KM

    One of the most popular off-road tires on the market, these high-performing tires hit the road with numerous enhancements for their newest version, including decreased road sound, more even use, and improved ride smoothness. Rated a 10 Most Influential Product by JP publication, the Mud Terran T/A KM tires support drivers with special DiggerLugz, developed into the treads and sidewall, which enable superior traction in deep mud, and effective tread clearing to preserve a positive bite on the surface beneath.

    The highly enhanced structure helps ward off punctures and bruising, while innovative rubber compounding and a built-in rim protector include additional confidence and defense. Owner reviews are highly positive, though some owners report problem in having the tires well balanced, and report the requirement to turn the tires more regularly than expected, for more even wear.

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    4. Toyo Open Country M/T

    These mud terrain tires are created with a concentrate on off-road ability without compromise, these extremely rated tires include amongst the marketplace's most aggressive tread designs, a few of the highest scores for off-road grip, and exceptional toughness. The tread pattern is designed to bite strongly and keep the treads clear of mud, dirt, and snow, providing consistent traction and predictable performance. Over-the-shoulder treads enhance grip in deep snow and mud, and preserve strong adhesion to the surface underneath at all guiding angles. Finally, strong support makes sure that these tires will last for the long haul. Simply note that the very best mud tires include an accordingly-hefty cost, and that some owners long for a quieter ride and less of a hit to fuel consumption.

    5. Milestar Patagonia M/T Mud Terrain

    When cost is the prime priority in a well-reviewed off-road tire, look no more than the Milestar Patagonia M/T Mud Terrain tire. Created for strong efficiency in mud, snow, or over rocks and sand, these tires are popular with explorers from all walks of life. A high-void tread design provides many aggressive biting edges that promote self-cleaning and ejection of mud and snow for consistent efficiency. Off-center tread blocks boost both on-road and off-road performance, and a 3-ply sidewall resists effect damage and leaks. Owner evaluations are mostly favorable, with numerous owners reporting initial apprehension about the price-point, however being consequently amazed with the efficiency and noise levels.

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    6. Nitto Trail Grappler M/T

    With a careful mix of off-road efficiency and on-road convenience and refinement, the Path Grappler M/T tires from Nitto are ideal for the driver after top notch traction on the road less travelled, in addition to excellent on-road good manners, from the exact same tires. This mix makes these some of the best mud tires we might discover.

    With many provisions created to minimize the compromise in between traction and sound, engineers even used advanced noise analysis equipment to decrease the high on-road sound levels frequently associated with off-road tires when utilized on the road. The outcome? A ride with 36 percent less tire sound at highway speeds.

    Buyers can pick from 2 sidewall styles to match their specific tastes, and unique main siping and shoulder grooves between the tread blocks increase traction and minimize hydroplaning, without sacrificing tread block stiffness. Owner reviews are strongly favorable and typically referral high levels of traction with appreciably low sound levels. There's little doubt that the Nitto Trail Grapplers are a few of the very best mud tires available today.

    Read what had to say about the Nitto Trail Grappler M/T

    7. Nokian Rockproof

    Created to provide nothing less than the sector's most difficult and durable off-road product, Nokian Rockproof tires are designed using lessons learned from the brand name's heavy tire division, and integrate passenger-vehicle comfort and performance with heavy-equipment tire levels of resilience and strength. Perfect for advanced or expert off-road lovers, Nokian Rockproof tires are likewise commonly set up to automobiles used in forestry, mining, quarries, and more. An extremely enhanced structure and substance can even resist unexpected effects during the most requiring off-road usage.

    Engineers defined making use of aramid fibres, which have their roots in the world of aerospace and defence. The aramid fibers provide an extra layer of strength within the sidewall. For a tire that eliminates the concern of leak or damage, and is developed for a long life span, look no more than the Nokian Rockproof tires. Unique arrangements are likewise integrated in to help enhance on-road feel and sound levels, too. There's probably no harder off-road tire on the scene today.

    8. Mickey Thompson Baja Claw TTC

    Mickey Thompson makes some of the most popular off-road tires on the marketplace, and their Baja Claw TTC tire line is a premium offering developed for competition-ready efficiency in the mud. Exceptional self-cleaning efficiency helps keep consistent contact with the surface underneath, and shoulder-mounted treads are installed by means of a special decoupling grove that allows for high flexibility and increased compatibility with difficult surface areas, even at steep steering angles.

    PowerPly sidewalls are fitted to all sizes for added toughness and leak resistance. Finally, unique T6 rubber compounding boosts traction on wet and icy surfaces for all-condition confidence. Owner evaluations are positive, though normal off-road tire compromises remain.

    9. Cooper Discoverer STT Pro

    From Cooper tires comes this flagship All-Terrain tire. The STT Pro tire line includes exclusive support technologies to resist effects and damage, while a hybrid tread pattern decreases roadway sound, increases stability, and dials up off-road traction. Other provisions allow uniform wear and minimize the tendency of the vehicle to drift in its lane at highway speeds.

    Deep and aggressive side-biters supply additional traction up the tire sidewall, and a flex-groove in the tire strengthen permits tactically released flex between the treads and sidewalls for ideal contact, even at extreme angles. Lastly, special scoops and scallops on selected edges of the tire tread lugs produce a shoveling effect that digs through mud and deep snow, scoop by scoop.

    A silica tread substance rounds out the bundle for added grip in damp and slippery conditions. This is a highly-advanced off-road tire that puts whatever Cooper learns about off-road tires to work for you. Owner reviews are positive in general, with many reporting a quieter-than-expected trip on the road more travelled-- though some owners report faster-than-expected wear.

    The Cooper Discoverer STT Pro was well received on

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    10. Interco TrXus M/T

    From the makers of the famous Super Swamper tires (among the very best mud tires in the world) comes the TrXus M/T Radials-- which combine a smooth and peaceful flight with hard, thick sidewalls for remarkable cut and chip resistance. Aggressive siping offers exceptional all-surface traction, specifically in snow and mud, while also enabling extraordinary rock-climbing efficiency. Lastly, unique boutique-like production treatments assist ensure strong toughness is built right in to each and every tire, and ensure's that they're far tougher and more efficient than factory-supplied tires. Various setups and variations are readily available, including a 10-ply E-rated tire, and a competition-only 'sticky' variation. These mud terrain tires are popular and extremely rated among experts for a long history of success and a proven brand name credibility, however anticipate to pay a premium when installing them on your truck or 4 × 4.

    Buyer's Guide For The Best UTV Tires

    Choosing the best tires for your UTV should not be a difficulty specifically if you understand what to try to find. However, it can be excruciating if you just stroll into the stores without any clue of how to find the best tires to install into your UTV.

    Hence, you end up picking the wrong tires that affect efficiency, fuel intake and even damage your UTV. To prevent all these, here are some of the things to try to find when wishing to choose a tire or a set of tires for your UTV.

    The Design of Tires You Want

    The tread style of tires can actually confuse yours into purchasing the incorrect tires for your UTV. You can easily get drawn into the tread style that looks cool or aggressive and much better for a back road journey. Nevertheless, the style has more to do with how and where you will take your flight. The concern here is what kind of tread is perfect for each condition?

    UTV tires are designed into either high slim treads or short broader treads.

    The very first style functions large areas-- gaps between each tread and are perfect for riding on softer soils or mud. However, these styles wear and tear rapidly when used on rough surfaces and they produce more roadway sound. Additionally, they have actually decreased stability owing to their higher tread style and usually carry out below par at high speeds.

    The shorter and larger tread designs featured narrow spaces in between the treads and are typically ideal for riding on difficult surface areas. For instance, you can utilize them when riding on rocky, gravel or tough dirt surfaces where contact area is essential. These designs offer longer tire life and minimum road sound. This is the best style for higher speeds although it offers not as much of traction on soft soil or mud conditions.

    What Type of Tires Do You Want?

    UTV tires are produced in relation to the kind of terrain they will be utilized. There are 4 primary types of UTV tires available on the marketplace. To select the best UTV tires, you must first understand what type you mean to buy.

    All Terrain/ General Purpose Tires

    These types of tires are made with thick rugged lugs that are uniformly spaced to make it possible for better grip when riding on logs and rocky surface areas. The rugged lugs also enable much better digging in sand dunes, snow and muddy pits for better traction. Moreover, the lugs enable easy and self-cleaning as they avoid sticks and rocks from getting stuck therein.

    A lot of UTV owners are more likely to installing these tires in their UTVs due to their capability to deal with numerous terrains that balance users drive in.

    Mud Tires

    Definitely, you can't miss out on identifying these kinds of tires owing to their claw-like aggressive lugs. Mud tires can be classified into the light mud, medium and deep mud.

    The lugs get high and robust as you cross the line. Mud tires have lugs that are heavy duty and more tough sidewalls that dig deep as you relocate unpleasant conditions. There are other types of mud tires that have taller lugs and a narrower profile to make it possible for easy clearance in deep pits and ruts as you navigate through bogs. With the extensively spaced treads and the strong lugs supplying fantastic traction, the tires will hook and grip onto rocks and roots as you drive your way through the muddy terrain.

    Sand Tires

    Just like the mud UTV tires, sand tires feature extremely clearly pronounced paddles. Not only are the sand tires feature a special style but also include front and rear tread style. Sand tires come with entirely various front and rear tires. While the rear tires are developed to have lighter weight and larger width to float throughout the sand, the front tires are designed with a totally smooth or ribbed with paddles.

    The special design of the front tires allows for easy maneuverability and control. The smooth front tires are best for those who want to do more drag racing or even up-hill climbs up.

    The paddle on the rear tires act like a shovel and digs deep into the sand enabling your UTV to catapult forward. Besides, the traction provided by the paddles likewise maintains the weight for optimum stability and high performance.

    Dual Sport/Hard Pack Tires

    The hard-pack/dual sports tires can do nearly whatever depending upon the terrain. These types simulate the tread pattern and style you will find in off-road truck tires. They are thought about the most lasting UTV tires offered on the marketplace. They feature a steel belt that makes them heavier. Due to the durability and numerous applications, they are typically utilized in Baja and WORC racing circuit.

    These types of tires included stout lugs that makes them endure whippings as they grip and bite into various surfaces. But unlike general function which includes widely spaced lugs, these included smaller and narrow spaced lugs. Also, the tread pattern is tighter to provide more surface area for contact which provides not just greater feel and traction on difficult surfaces however likewise outstanding grips on corners.

    Ply Rating of the Tire

    The ply rating is determined by the number of sheet that is utilized during manufacturing. The more the variety of sheets utilized in the manufacture the harder the tire will be. As innovation develops, ply score can be an essential factor to consider when discovering the very best and long-lasting tires.

    The ply ranking of a tire is indicated by the variety of stars at the sidewall of the tire. One star represents 2 plies, and if it reveals two stars then the tire is 4-ply rated. The higher the ply score the tire has, the stronger it is. If you want a higher filling capability tire, then the higher ply-rated tire is your best choice. They are likewise great for rocky surfaces as they provide greater puncture-resistance.


    Radial built UTV tires have longer tread life, lower rolling resistance, much better steering control, and normally decreases fuel intake. Normally, radials utilize the ply technology to get cords to extend from bead to bead and perpendicular to the tire's centerline. Since they are parallel to each other and combine with stabilizer belts the tire ends up being extremely strong.

    So if you are trying to find smoother trips, greater riding speeds and longer tread life, radial constructed UTV tires are your best option.

    The width of the Tires

    When it pertains to the width of the UTV tires, you need to think about in between having more power or speed. Larger widths offer more power whereas smaller widths bring more speed. So depending upon your need, you will find the best UTV tire with ease. Besides, the width of the tire you may wish to purchase might be influenced by the type of UTV you own, though this ought to not be the primary factor.

    The shape of the Tires

    The shape of the UTV tire is a crucial element you should take a look at whenever you want to purchase a tire. Typically, the shape of the tires is determined by the kind of terrain you will drive on. For rocky surface areas and soft terrains, rounder tires are best. This is because they have firm grips on these surfaces much better than how flatter tires could have.

    On the other hand, flat shaped tires are best matched on firmer and flatter ground surface area. With this style, these tires acquire exceptional traction on flush and more difficult surface areas. Nevertheless, flatter tires are used on the rear wheels while on the front thinner and rounder tires are utilized since they are good at turning.

    The Terrain of Driving

    The kind of terrain you will traverse significantly affect the type of tire you select to buy. In fact, it's the primary determining element. UTV tires are typically built to fit a particular terrain or another. So, will you mainly utilize your UTV on snow throughout winter season? Will you drive your UTV on rocky and rugged terrain? Or will you traverse through muddy trails? These are some of the concerns you will be asking yourself before starting your journey to the stores. When you get the correct response then your look for the very best tire is limited by half.

    Usually, snow and mud terrains need tires with taller lugs that are extensively spaced to supply higher traction on these slippery surfaces. They won't do well on hard surfaces. If you want UTV tires for traversing through the desert dune you need to examine tires with pronounced paddles and smooth or ribbed with paddles.

    Totally smooth tires are best for the front while the paddled are good for the rear wheels for much better shoveling of sand hence moving you forward.

    All-terrain UTV tires don't frequently imply that they are excellent performers on a variety of surfaces. However, they are commonly known for their lateral and vertical stability than many other alternatives.

    Whenever you want UTV tires it is recommendable to acquire them from shops or online market that specializes entirely on tire organization. This is due to the fact that they have enough knowledge to encourage and service your tires before and after you purchase.


    Which are the greatest UTV tires for day-to-day use? To get the very best UTV tires that are well-constructed and long-lasting tires that will serve you well, think about the buyer's guide we have actually offered. You can also think about one of the suggested UTV tires from our review. They perform well in a lot of terrains and they are likewise inexpensive and built to last longer.

    If you are looking for Polyurea or need a bedliner, contact ArmorThane today!

    What is the BEST MUD TIRE?

    Family day see Bigfoot up there, we must made it all uphill. I can tell you that I am out of shape. I feel not good. We need some work people. We need some work. Okay, I had to keep walking the baby. Even we've reached the summit. I'D take my hat off. I don't know why I wear that stupid hat anyway, super hot, my hair's, crazy guys. I know my hair's crazy, but no matter what I'm doing, no matter what video I'm filming working on the truck any kind of a fan on the road trucking. It all comes down to this. Well guys check out this flare stack right here, it's crazy! I should have filmed it coming up the hill. There was like six of these things everywhere. That thing is ripping, but this pad is super busy man. There is so much going on here. They got flour stacks like that everywhere. It'S super cool. All right guys check this out. I was at the wrong place on top of the hill. This is definitely one of the craziest least roads. I'Ve been on it's. Like a, I mean it's pretty tight, but I'm super muddy. Oh yeah supercool. Look. They got another flare stack going up there, you see it through the trees. There'S flair stocks going everywhere here and they are ripping got some trucks up here. It'S super soft. I bet you. People were sinking see that flower stack just ripping up there huh. This isn't much of a pad. This is more of like a flare stack situation. Let me go find my guy. We made it through the carwash had a couple of runs today. Really good awesome truck got trashed warm day. Today. Again, we had a warm day yesterday, but it was a family day, so today I'm taking the warm weather and I'm taking this time to spray off the salt underneath of the truck. That is probably the one thing I always try to do is get underneath and spray the salt off okay. So I'm in a dilemma, and I'm asking for you guys to help me out on this. I need some real-world actual advice and real results. I'M at [ Music, ] Starbucks. I definitely have a problem: okay, no, but for real. I need your help. What is the best mud tire? Now? I'M gon na explain a little bit real quick. I need a mud tire. Some are you're gon na say why the heck. Do you need a mud tire if you just seen my last clip a couple Clips ago when I was delivering this morning, I get in some. You know rugged terrain situations where it's not always the best conditions. So I'm going with a mud, tire and right now I need tires. I did a few too many burnouts and I need tires, especially because my inspections, gon na run out my tires, are getting low. I couldn't get any traction today. I almost got stuck. I need tires for a list of reasons, so I'm calling on you guys, I'm using the platform of YouTube to help me decide what kind of mud tires should I go with. I know a little bit about tires, but I'm looking for some actual results. Some real feedback from real-life people who run mud tires. I get that a mud. Tire doesn't really last that long tread wear wise, but I need one right now. Currently in my life, I do like the stock wheel. Look, so that's not an issue for me. I'M gon na do that. I'M gon na run that for a little while a few videos ago, I posted some things about tires. Oh, it was a quick little thing. I was mentioning you know like a natural blade, MT and XT. Maybe a BFG, you guys were giving me some great feedback, so the sole purpose of this video here is to get you guys to interact with this video, and, let me know your thoughts on mud tires now. This is gon na be my winter set. So I do not want to spend all my money on a set of super expensive tires to just to just run for a few more months, but I do want a good tire. I don't want to have balance issues. I don't want to have weird irregular. Tread. Wear with issues which I do know that some super cheap mud tires, they don't balance correct. They ride like crap, they're super loud and they're, just overall, a super junky tire, I'm not looking for like bottom of the barrel, so guys I am calling on you. Let me know what kind of tires you guys are running mud, tire, there's a whole list of Arty's eighties XTS, all of those I'm going mud tire right now. I know there's like a zillion videos on YouTube. Talking mud tires. I don't care about those videos. I want to hear what you guys have to say about the tires, so let's see it in the comments, I want to see what kind of tires you guys are running. What is the best mud tire, but that is about it for today guys real quick. Do me one favor, give this video a thumbs up and hit that subscribe button and join the modern diesel family. Go follow me on instagram at modern diesel kori, which will be the second link in the description, and the first link will be our merch. If you guys are interested in modern diesel merch its super cool super awesome, super sweet, go check out our merch line and help support the channel. I would greatly appreciate it. You guys are awesome out there, but I have a few things to do here in the garage. As always, I will catch you on the next one: [ Music, ]

    Lifted Miata Gets the CRAZIEST MUD TIRES!!

    [, Music, ] [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], Applause, ], [, Music, ], [, Music ]. Is that not insane or what those are? By far the most aggressive tires? I'Ve ever laid my eyes on the treads are an inch and a half deep, a little bit more than an inch and a half they make. My current mud tires. Look like race looks like it's. It'S insane. This car is gon na, be so insane with the lock diff a little bit higher ride, height and move those tires. Those tires actually are bigger in diameter as well. So that'll give me more ground clearance. I'M sure a lot of you guys have noticed that those are ATV tires and I'm sure you've noticed that they're way too aggressive to drive on the streets. Thankfully, I actually have two spare steelies from when I changed front offset. I have two spare steelies 14-inch that those tires are gon na go on. Those tires are gon na be used strictly off-road on a trail, but that's it. They are rated to 1,200 pounds each so they're plenty strong to hold up the rally Miata. I know a couple of you guys we're concerned about that operating pressure on those guys is actually 12 psi, so they should ride nicely to off-road, not on the road but off-road in case you are wondering these are Maxis. Maxx zilla's and 28 by 9 are 14 they're literally like claws. I'M actually probably gon na make some sort of like bolt on mud flaps. So when we're off-roading, we can have mud flaps, because if we don't have mud flaps this, this cars and we'll even get covered in mud and like it'll, be impossible possible to wash wrong. So what we're doing today we're gon na go ahead, get those tires mounted onto my spare wheels and then we're gon na install the lock diff that we locked in the other video. It'S an open diff that we welded, which is gon na help a lot offroad. The only thing is that John's cars here and he had to take his ECU, so it doesn't run, and I can I push it forward and backward, but I can't really push it outside because there's a pill, I can't really get it back in [, Music, ], [, Music ] pretty much with this swap. I know I'm not going to be able to separate the PPF from the differential, so we're gon na have to drop the entire thing down as one unit we're gon na go ahead, get a shot so yeah [, Music, ], [, Music, ]. Oh, those things are so insane. New dip is on the new PPF. All dip PPF before we put those back in we're gon na, go mount the wheels and tires the hatch life. Is my friends lifted woody Crown Vic? He has that other lifted Crown Vic as well. Isn'T the same Crown Vic that we saw in the parking lot. I don't think so. He'S got two yeah he's got two lifted Rex, hey how many Miatas do you need? The answer is, all of them feel this thing I know doesn't know it doesn't roll it bounces all right. So we have to get this dip in and then we can test the dip first and then put those things on and just kind of drive it around. The parking lot Music ], so the dip itself and the PPF, the dip itself and the PPF went in really easily readers had trouble with the axles. Sadly, I kind of knew this was going to happen. The first time when we went to replace the boots on these axles, we ended up leaving the little cap that holds the like the internals of the axles off just because it was easier to get it on and off about that cap, because the the actual flange Could go back and forth more. The problem of that is that the ball bearings like to fall out when you're trying to put the axles on and then you're messing around in these ball bearings, there's grease everywhere, it's nasty and for some reason, this side axle just would not slide over the ball. Bearings like it would go over just fine when it was off of the flange, but when you try to put it on the flange with the ball bearings in it would not go over. So we had to heat it on with a mini sledge. That did the trick. It'S it's fine. Now, everything's, all good. We have a lock diff, but boy was it annoying? Oh yeah, it was successful, so you seem to Jared for the help I wouldn't have been able to do without you we're going to go ahead. Get some fluid put the fluid in put the new exhaust on and then we can drop her down and we can test everything: [, Music ]. She looks so badass from the front like this, especially when it's in the air, because it looks like it's so much taller and bigger than it really is: Music, ], Applause, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], it's quiet a little bit better, it's quiet, But I think it's still rattling or maybe raspy going south Music ] Music ]. Well, the diff is a success. Chirp-Chirp play a game called. Can we make it to the gas station all right? It'S so much better! So much better! Oh yeah! You can really feel should have felt it in the RX engines: it schools what it is. We took nine gallons, Oh a car with nine, but it only gets fifty miles per gallon. So don't be too happy so yeah. The welded F is definately welded. It'S funny with the exhaust fix I actually enjoyed driving the car now with the welded, if more than I did before. The welded f just goes to show that little things like a rattling exhaust can really change how much you enjoy a car. That'S it for today. Tomorrow, I'm coming and putting the tires on so see you guys tomorrow, Music, ], Applause, ], [, Music, ], holy crap, very, very close up front might end up trimming some more. These are an inch bigger in diameter. I'M sure you guys really want to see me drive it on the street, but I'm genuinely afraid of like breaking an axle with these tires and the world of death. These tires are really big, really knobby and there are really soft grippy compound. So I'm worried that it's just gon na break these axles, like a twig, because these axles are tiny, so I'm not gon na drive it on the street and it would be miserable anyway. I do want to back it up a little bit. Just let me get it out in the light: Music ] - I don't know if you guys can see, but the car literally goes like this. When you drive on these, it's like Mythbusters driving on a square wheel. I swear it Music ] that it's kind of crazy. Actually, it's really crazy. It'S gon na be rough. Quite frankly. Hopefully, when I lower the tire pressure when we're, actually you know off-road they'll ride a little bit smoother and if it's in mud it will ride a little bit smoother but like on dirt. It'S I generally think like with the lock dip in these tires. We'Re gon na have trouble getting stuck like these things are gon na be able to push this a little 2,000 pound car through a lot of crap. I'M hoping that I'm gon na be able to test these tires out really soon. The problem is that winter is being a jerk and it's it's still fun. Frickin freezing next Monday, it's a high of 10 degrees, a low of like negative 5. I thought the negatives were over, but no it's March, it's almost March. Actually, next Monday it will be March, it's ridiculous, negative temperatures in March. Oh, I hate Illinois as soon as it's in like the 30s or the 40s. I will go off-roading, but I'm not going off-roading in negative degrees. All right, I'm sorry! I have to be outside filming. Actually, I wouldn't even be the one filming one of my friends would have to be outside the car filming and that would just suck anyway guys and girls. That'S gon na, be it for two. No, oh, it's okay! Oh my god. I literally had a dream. Last night or I dropped my phone in one of the corners like just just I'm gon na get a case as soon as I can I'm ordering case. As soon as I go, oh yeah, that's gon na, be it for this video locked. If is installed new tires are here installed, those things are gon na, be rowdy hope you guys did enjoy this video. If you did, please give it a like. If you didn't, please give it a dislike. If you're new to the channel, please consider subscribing yeah, that's pretty much it peace out guys I'll next time! Thank you! So much for watching and Music ] Applause, ], [, Music, ], Applause, ], [, Music, ],

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