What is the BEST MUD TIRE?

Family day see Bigfoot up there, we must made it all uphill. I can tell you that I am out of shape. I feel not good. We need some work people. We need some work. Okay, I had to keep walking the baby. Even we've reached the summit. I'D take my hat off. I don't know why I wear that stupid hat anyway, super hot, my hair's, crazy guys. I know my hair's crazy, but no matter what I'm doing, no matter what video I'm filming working on the truck any kind of a fan on the road trucking. It all comes down to this. Well guys check out this flare stack right here, it's crazy! I should have filmed it coming up the hill. There was like six of these things everywhere. That thing is ripping, but this pad is super busy man. There is so much going on here. They got flour stacks like that everywhere. It'S super cool. All right guys check this out. I was at the wrong place on top of the hill. This is definitely one of the craziest least roads. I'Ve been on it's. Like a, I mean it's pretty tight, but I'm super muddy. Oh yeah supercool. Look. They got another flare stack going up there, you see it through the trees. There'S flair stocks going everywhere here and they are ripping got some trucks up here. It'S super soft. I bet you. People were sinking see that flower stack just ripping up there huh. This isn't much of a pad. This is more of like a flare stack situation. Let me go find my guy. We made it through the carwash had a couple of runs today. Really good awesome truck got trashed warm day. Today. Again, we had a warm day yesterday, but it was a family day, so today I'm taking the warm weather and I'm taking this time to spray off the salt underneath of the truck. That is probably the one thing I always try to do is get underneath and spray the salt off okay. So I'm in a dilemma, and I'm asking for you guys to help me out on this. I need some real-world actual advice and real results. I'M at [ Music, ] Starbucks. I definitely have a problem: okay, no, but for real. I need your help. What is the best mud tire? Now? I'M gon na explain a little bit real quick. I need a mud tire. Some are you're gon na say why the heck. Do you need a mud tire if you just seen my last clip a couple Clips ago when I was delivering this morning, I get in some. You know rugged terrain situations where it's not always the best conditions. So I'm going with a mud, tire and right now I need tires. I did a few too many burnouts and I need tires, especially because my inspections, gon na run out my tires, are getting low. I couldn't get any traction today. I almost got stuck. I need tires for a list of reasons, so I'm calling on you guys, I'm using the platform of YouTube to help me decide what kind of mud tires should I go with. I know a little bit about tires, but I'm looking for some actual results. Some real feedback from real-life people who run mud tires. I get that a mud. Tire doesn't really last that long tread wear wise, but I need one right now. Currently in my life, I do like the stock wheel. Look, so that's not an issue for me. I'M gon na do that. I'M gon na run that for a little while a few videos ago, I posted some things about tires. Oh, it was a quick little thing. I was mentioning you know like a natural blade, MT and XT. Maybe a BFG, you guys were giving me some great feedback, so the sole purpose of this video here is to get you guys to interact with this video, and, let me know your thoughts on mud tires now. This is gon na be my winter set. So I do not want to spend all my money on a set of super expensive tires to just to just run for a few more months, but I do want a good tire. I don't want to have balance issues. I don't want to have weird irregular. Tread. Wear with issues which I do know that some super cheap mud tires, they don't balance correct. They ride like crap, they're super loud and they're, just overall, a super junky tire, I'm not looking for like bottom of the barrel, so guys I am calling on you. Let me know what kind of tires you guys are running mud, tire, there's a whole list of Arty's eighties XTS, all of those I'm going mud tire right now. I know there's like a zillion videos on YouTube. Talking mud tires. I don't care about those videos. I want to hear what you guys have to say about the tires, so let's see it in the comments, I want to see what kind of tires you guys are running. What is the best mud tire, but that is about it for today guys real quick. Do me one favor, give this video a thumbs up and hit that subscribe button and join the modern diesel family. Go follow me on instagram at modern diesel kori, which will be the second link in the description, and the first link will be our merch. If you guys are interested in modern diesel merch its super cool super awesome, super sweet, go check out our merch line and help support the channel. I would greatly appreciate it. You guys are awesome out there, but I have a few things to do here in the garage. As always, I will catch you on the next one: [ Music, ]

Lifted Miata Gets the CRAZIEST MUD TIRES!!

[, Music, ] [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], Applause, ], [, Music, ], [, Music ]. Is that not insane or what those are? By far the most aggressive tires? I'Ve ever laid my eyes on the treads are an inch and a half deep, a little bit more than an inch and a half they make. My current mud tires. Look like race looks like it's. It'S insane. This car is gon na, be so insane with the lock diff a little bit higher ride, height and move those tires. Those tires actually are bigger in diameter as well. So that'll give me more ground clearance. I'M sure a lot of you guys have noticed that those are ATV tires and I'm sure you've noticed that they're way too aggressive to drive on the streets. Thankfully, I actually have two spare steelies from when I changed front offset. I have two spare steelies 14-inch that those tires are gon na go on. Those tires are gon na be used strictly off-road on a trail, but that's it. They are rated to 1,200 pounds each so they're plenty strong to hold up the rally Miata. I know a couple of you guys we're concerned about that operating pressure on those guys is actually 12 psi, so they should ride nicely to off-road, not on the road but off-road in case you are wondering these are Maxis. Maxx zilla's and 28 by 9 are 14 they're literally like claws. I'M actually probably gon na make some sort of like bolt on mud flaps. So when we're off-roading, we can have mud flaps, because if we don't have mud flaps this, this cars and we'll even get covered in mud and like it'll, be impossible possible to wash wrong. So what we're doing today we're gon na go ahead, get those tires mounted onto my spare wheels and then we're gon na install the lock diff that we locked in the other video. It'S an open diff that we welded, which is gon na help a lot offroad. The only thing is that John's cars here and he had to take his ECU, so it doesn't run, and I can I push it forward and backward, but I can't really push it outside because there's a pill, I can't really get it back in [, Music, ], [, Music ] pretty much with this swap. I know I'm not going to be able to separate the PPF from the differential, so we're gon na have to drop the entire thing down as one unit we're gon na go ahead, get a shot so yeah [, Music, ], [, Music, ]. Oh, those things are so insane. New dip is on the new PPF. All dip PPF before we put those back in we're gon na, go mount the wheels and tires the hatch life. Is my friends lifted woody Crown Vic? He has that other lifted Crown Vic as well. Isn'T the same Crown Vic that we saw in the parking lot. I don't think so. He'S got two yeah he's got two lifted Rex, hey how many Miatas do you need? The answer is, all of them feel this thing I know doesn't know it doesn't roll it bounces all right. So we have to get this dip in and then we can test the dip first and then put those things on and just kind of drive it around. The parking lot Music ], so the dip itself and the PPF, the dip itself and the PPF went in really easily readers had trouble with the axles. Sadly, I kind of knew this was going to happen. The first time when we went to replace the boots on these axles, we ended up leaving the little cap that holds the like the internals of the axles off just because it was easier to get it on and off about that cap, because the the actual flange Could go back and forth more. The problem of that is that the ball bearings like to fall out when you're trying to put the axles on and then you're messing around in these ball bearings, there's grease everywhere, it's nasty and for some reason, this side axle just would not slide over the ball. Bearings like it would go over just fine when it was off of the flange, but when you try to put it on the flange with the ball bearings in it would not go over. So we had to heat it on with a mini sledge. That did the trick. It'S it's fine. Now, everything's, all good. We have a lock diff, but boy was it annoying? Oh yeah, it was successful, so you seem to Jared for the help I wouldn't have been able to do without you we're going to go ahead. Get some fluid put the fluid in put the new exhaust on and then we can drop her down and we can test everything: [, Music ]. She looks so badass from the front like this, especially when it's in the air, because it looks like it's so much taller and bigger than it really is: Music, ], Applause, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], it's quiet a little bit better, it's quiet, But I think it's still rattling or maybe raspy going south Music ] Music ]. Well, the diff is a success. Chirp-Chirp play a game called. Can we make it to the gas station all right? It'S so much better! So much better! Oh yeah! You can really feel should have felt it in the RX engines: it schools what it is. We took nine gallons, Oh a car with nine, but it only gets fifty miles per gallon. So don't be too happy so yeah. The welded F is definately welded. It'S funny with the exhaust fix I actually enjoyed driving the car now with the welded, if more than I did before. The welded f just goes to show that little things like a rattling exhaust can really change how much you enjoy a car. That'S it for today. Tomorrow, I'm coming and putting the tires on so see you guys tomorrow, Music, ], Applause, ], [, Music, ], holy crap, very, very close up front might end up trimming some more. These are an inch bigger in diameter. I'M sure you guys really want to see me drive it on the street, but I'm genuinely afraid of like breaking an axle with these tires and the world of death. These tires are really big, really knobby and there are really soft grippy compound. So I'm worried that it's just gon na break these axles, like a twig, because these axles are tiny, so I'm not gon na drive it on the street and it would be miserable anyway. I do want to back it up a little bit. Just let me get it out in the light: Music ] - I don't know if you guys can see, but the car literally goes like this. When you drive on these, it's like Mythbusters driving on a square wheel. I swear it Music ] that it's kind of crazy. Actually, it's really crazy. It'S gon na be rough. Quite frankly. Hopefully, when I lower the tire pressure when we're, actually you know off-road they'll ride a little bit smoother and if it's in mud it will ride a little bit smoother but like on dirt. It'S I generally think like with the lock dip in these tires. We'Re gon na have trouble getting stuck like these things are gon na be able to push this a little 2,000 pound car through a lot of crap. I'M hoping that I'm gon na be able to test these tires out really soon. The problem is that winter is being a jerk and it's it's still fun. Frickin freezing next Monday, it's a high of 10 degrees, a low of like negative 5. I thought the negatives were over, but no it's March, it's almost March. Actually, next Monday it will be March, it's ridiculous, negative temperatures in March. Oh, I hate Illinois as soon as it's in like the 30s or the 40s. I will go off-roading, but I'm not going off-roading in negative degrees. All right, I'm sorry! I have to be outside filming. Actually, I wouldn't even be the one filming one of my friends would have to be outside the car filming and that would just suck anyway guys and girls. That'S gon na, be it for two. No, oh, it's okay! Oh my god. I literally had a dream. Last night or I dropped my phone in one of the corners like just just I'm gon na get a case as soon as I can I'm ordering case. As soon as I go, oh yeah, that's gon na, be it for this video locked. If is installed new tires are here installed, those things are gon na, be rowdy hope you guys did enjoy this video. If you did, please give it a like. If you didn't, please give it a dislike. If you're new to the channel, please consider subscribing yeah, that's pretty much it peace out guys I'll next time! Thank you! So much for watching and Music ] Applause, ], [, Music, ], Applause, ], [, Music, ],

Do Not Buy Cheap Mud Tires!!!!

All right, so real, quick, I'm gon na make a very quick video. I pulled this for the quality, the quality and the sound quality. Sound clothes not very good either, but I'm gon na talk about just you know, one or two minutes why you do not buy a trail trail leads or for that matter any cheap. You know tire mud, tire specially. So basically, while tears in general are soft compound tires or like everyone knows that they wear fast and don't really last you want well. I was like a lot of people like researching tires. I know that research, nothing yeah, people aren't saying too bad things about these tires and whatnot. So I got a set of a 35 by 22 by 12 and a half for once. A $ 1200 1250 and you know toyou and T's - are like $ 2,100 to the same set up. You know so that's where I was. I was like ooh, I'm sick of these. You know them. Try them out, never again I'll, never buy. These cheap tires young because, first of all, you know they're marketed as a mud tire and they look like it, but they do not perform at all. Well. Mud at all, like I know, is a heavy truck everything, but for what you're getting I mean, if you never plan to go to mud you still your shits gon na wear out fast. So I have maybe six seven thousand miles. I'M just these set of tires and the Front's are doing alright yep our last one. Are you know, six thousand five thousand the backs are completely worn out. Can I tell what the sings they're completely shot already not shot completely, but but in our two thousand miles, they're gon na be pretty much gone, because yet mud cake did here right now, but yeah take more for it. They'Re not much love. What I'm getting that, though, is uh everybody who wants to get these cheap tires. I don't recommend it. I'D recommend just dishing out the extra money plus these things, I've seen blowouts on these and whatnot yeah. I just don't recommend I got off. You know for half for looks and then I started using my truck more more for work, and I got her. This stuff is all motor. Now we're doing some kind of look from and I think really table over. There got it back in somewhere, sunk right in uniform, I don't like gas up and for real. It'S pretty embarrassing, have a nice truck and came to Ghana. Some money cuz! You bought some shitty ass tires. So that's my rant and for tonight on the post. In a while I'll be I'll start posting more but uh my thoughts, so what you guys think and the Lucian combo so hate if you want whatever, but thank you


What'S up guys welcome back, you challenged seventh, the first time folks gon na get down. There click Subscribe today it is December and for some reason it's 55 degrees out it's a beautiful beautiful day. So you know what that means. Your hands won't get cold. If they're in a washbucket, so what we're gon na do yes watch the truck, but it's gon na be a first wash with a foam cannon and a microfiber in eight a long time so bring it or washed up and get this video started. [, Music! ]! Look at that rib, [, Music ] see guys lost finding the root to the pile of bird crap. Up here I got ta get out. I was watching my truck and in the comments below I need a number to do a plumber man. It'S dripping, oh, my goodness. Look at that! That'S shine, it looks so good. The wheels are actually clean for the first time. Look at that ceramic coating doing its job Oh wheels are clean paint is actually no haze, full gloss clean. Look at that. It'S like a mirror, but green. My biggest thing is a hood because there's always a haze, the stuff that just lands on it. Oh that looks sharp. The grill looks awesome, as always, you guys are wondering yes, my still my same foam cannon from that video over a year and then uh two years ago, Jax wax ceramic shampoo, Meguiar's ultimate washing wax. I said the Jax wax ceramic detailer and down not that I need it today, but I got this McGuire's wheel cleaner as well and just a standard bucket and a thing, because my mom is still broken and I still need to pick a new one up and We got ta get that after wash pick here for Instagram, and this is how it goes down literally. This actually might be my Instagram pic screenshot of the picture of me. Taking the picture, that's hot, alright, guys we got the truck on the lift here. It'S about time we are rotating, we're rotating the tires on this guy today. Keep them rolling smooth, keep them up now. Keep the life in these guys as much as they can because they are not they're, not cheap, I'm definitely not cheap and, while we're at it we're gon na flip. These tires on the wheel themselves. Cuz, you see how it says Toyo MT here, and it's give a shot here. If this side is raised and this side isn't so we're gon na put the raised side out. This looks like a gigantic paint chip ready to happen, so we're gon na remove you, sir and chips camera lens. Instead, that's fine because it looks more aggressive that way and I didn't really pay attention to it when I mounted these over the summer, so we're flip them today. So it looks more aggressive and it just looks it looks better and we're gon na rotate them. So obviously, keep keep the wear even keep. Keep everything just keep everything in line. So this is how the rotations are gon na. Go this tire back here that tire back here and then these two are going up. A lot of people rotate tires different ways. That'S the way I'm gon na rotate it whether we you learn that you're gon na achieve everything is different, but that's way, rotating thoughts are gon na cross them back to the front [ Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ]. Pretty much here. We'Re just taking these about stems the cores out, so we can deflate the tire, so we can dismount it, but it's just done with one of these tools: Universal come in here and twist. The core out drop the cap, but I want to show you the core, because it that is the valve in your valve, stem that allows their in and out for that matter. But you just remove that and all the air comes right out: [, Music, ], [, Music, ], and just like that it is flipped. The flat side is on the backside of the wheel, and the raised side is on the face side of that one just called filling up our air and then, after this after we flip the tires opposite because you're flipping the tire on the wheel there. You need to rebalance them if you guys want to know a little secret here. The reason why there's already one tire on the truck is because, when I mounted them six months ago, I actually left uh-huh. I actually left this one, which is my drivers, one. It had it had the raised sidewall out the whole time and nobody ever noticed it. Nobody ever noticed that except me, but the the other three tires themselves were. I did not have the raised lettering out, so I'm finally getting around to flip it and that's what we're doing today, while I'm rotating the tires in in the process but yeah the secret is one of my tires was raised letters out the other one, we're not The whole times as they own this truck and I put the lift on so uh, I'm glad now you caught that and now you guys are all gon na go and look for it in some of my videos, you're like oh you yeah yeah, I'm actually glad It hit the whole time. That'S pretty that's pretty awesome. It just looks so much better with the the the the raised lettering out. Some people won't even know that the raised lettering it even has an option but yeah look at that raised lettering prepared to yes, I'm gon na have one like that anymore. Cuz they're, all flipped out, but just like this Ridge grip or two, it has two options. Some people won't even notice they're on their truck that the tires could have two options, but you see this side that side wall compared to this sidewall. You could just see that this block here it's a little slanted angle in this block here, is just flat, so it just got two options. Two options, sidewall just like this. These tires are not directional and they're, not asymmetrical, they're, symmetrical tires. They just have to patience for a sidewall, so that's what we're dealing with here, we're just putting all the raised lettering out. So not only me, but my buddy who's buying the wheels and tires will have a set. That'S sitting right so that and we're gon na rebalance three of them because the other one is, we didn't touch it. We can take it off the wheel, so we should be good. I mean we could rebalance it, but the tariffs roll smooth as they are so we're fine. Some people rotate and balance every time, but I'm just gon na I'm just rotating the day. I wouldn't balance something if I didn't want to flip the sidewalls out. So a common thing I see when people get tires rebalanced, is they don't scrape the old weights off start fresh grape, all your weights off start, fresh and and the weight says the machine wants at that time. As you drive your tires, I mean you change the tires change the tread depth change, how they're shaped changes, so you want to start fresh every time and if you don't get your tire balance and you see the weights just add it on to where the factories Were walk were right back in the front door and say: hey you guys, didn't scrape the weights off, don't don't tell them, don't let them tell you anything else. Just tell them. You want them rebalanced, fresh, fresh weights, so just to do that. You'Re gon na bring your thing select exactly where you want the weight. That'S gon na put us in a static balance. Do you never want to spoke balance as well? Have you come back and you see your wheels balanced with weights behind the spoke? That'S just the Machine messing that well if it needs three ounces here, I'll put one five here and one five here and it might work which isn't a true balance. You don't want that, even though it looks better, you do not want that. The reason why I like Toyo's, look at how smooth they roll some of the cheaper tires. You'Ll see they'll, be on the balancer wobbling, and you don't want that. Another thing I see forgotten often and when people get their stuff mailed to them and there's weights at the bottom of their pallet, I can tell you right now: they use no adhesion promoter. Then these sticky weights aren't they're strong, but they're, not that strong, especially if you mount them to dirt or a non clean surface. Even brand new wheels adhesion promoter right where the laser is look at all that dirt that came off. This is not gon na harm. Your wheel, just don't, dump pounds of this stuff on your wheel. You don't want that. How you know it's a good wheel and tire is when it takes one spin of the balancer to balance you'll have if your machine isn't calibrated or you have a wheel or tire that's kind of out of round it's gon na do something. That'S gon na start chasing weights, not saying like I've, had good wheels and good tires that do chase weights. That means one of them is kind of a it still will probably roll just fine, but some of the more premium tires and the premium wheels. You should get a one spin balance and it'll be fine, not gon na waste. Your time doing the other two and then we'll get these on the truck, get the wheels torqued down and we'll get around here. You know the lugs real, quick on on the wheels. I'M gon na put these center caps back on. These are simple: snap-ins [, Music ]. Now this is something everybody considers buying, however, does not [ Music ]. You see that, like I said guys, look at that three or four those lug nuts were not technically to spec, not saying the other ones won't hold the wheel on, but you always want. Obviously you want all the lug nuts tightened as they should so torque wrenches. You need one: yes, it sucks up front to buy in the hundred dollar tool or one hundred three hundred dollar whatever you're buying, but it is necessary all right in there. We have it wheels and tires back on torqued, rotated and great sidewalls are out. Well, it's quite the project, but I'm just happy it's done and taken care of that's awesome. Most people are gon na ask. Well how often do you rotate tires? Mud tires on a truck that is just driven on the street. The answer is five thousand miles. I'M just about to hit 5,000 miles on this wheel and tire set up, and I decided to take care of it today, because I had the time and over the next few weeks, headed into the new year, I'm gon na be driving a lot. So I decided to take care of that now. A lot of people say: oh, I rotate my tires with my own. My oil changes. That'S great. If you have the old, like an older car, those those trucks, those you know, those are 5,000 mile intervals for oil changes. This truck has a 15,000 mile oil change interval that's three times as much as a 5,000 mile tire rotation, whether you have a car truck SUV, whatever you want to stick to the 5,000 mile tire rotation, whether it's an oil change or not. I'Ll, probably change the oil on this thing, and it's almost at ten thousand miles, so I'm probably change it at ten, especially with tires this expensive. You don't want them to wear down uneven. You want them to wear funny tone the ride funny you don't want them to wear down quicker than they need to. What will happen is if you keep continuously turning these up front, what you're now in the back, but if you continuously turn these and those stay straight, these will wear down a lot. Just keep him rotated 5,000 miles. If I didn't have to flip the sidewalls, this would have been less than a half hour job. It would have been maybe 10 minutes, especially with if you have a lift, if not two jacks, some jack stands, it's simple and you can get it down real, quick and it's easy and you're saving your butt yourself, a bunch of money, you're extending the life of Your tires and um, you know we all know that these tires are hardly ever gon na see, off-road or full mud pits, so they're not exactly designed for Road use, but because we use them on the road. Hey precautions to keep them in good condition. As you can see, these things still have almost full meat on them, since I bought them and we've done five thousand miles on them. So that's a quick wear update on on these twenties, but yeah 5,000 miles. First tire rotation and they're still pretty much brand new. Come on guy, you drive a Ridgeline. Let me through I'm, trying to turn any in a real truck. Let'S go. I got away to the green light to move. This is my ridgeline, I'm so big all right! Good! Now we're gon na make some or make some step. However, if you go to Home Depot, sell like the step jig already made, and that's like 12 bucks for that or you can buy this huge. I believe this is a 10 foot and 12 inch wide board for about 11 bucks, they're saving, a dollar and getting so much more wood. But if you go over to the jig section and put it on here, you can trace it and there it is so now you have steps. All you have to do is cut it out and then repeat the process, two sides, and then your other board is to complete the steps for a lot less money. So I'll pretty much use what's already there and then get a piece of wood. And now you can make the steps and saves the money [ Music ]. I have a matching yeah we're gon na, throw that there underneath, I think, it's fun: [, Music, ], [, Music, ], okay. So, with a little more geometry, we added other extra pieces and made this awesome triangle. Look at thing and a little extra here don't worry about that. But now we have a flat edge on the bottom and we're over don't worry about the wobbly Ness. Now we can at least use three steps. Okay put, those are there and Wow is that nice? You can see yeah, that's right coming here soon, so tell me how you, like it: [ Music, ], [, Music, ], that's right: [, Music, ], [, Music, ],

The BEST Mud Tires Compared General Grabber X3, BF Goodrich KM3, Plus Toyo, Nitto, Firestone, Falken

Hi I'm Matt McMurray with Campus automotive in Blacksburg Virginia today we have a comparison on some popular mud tires based on recommendations and comments on the on the other. Video that we did on the all-terrain tires. Mud tires have changed a lot over the years. They have a lot more technology in them than they used to have because they have to do so much more because now not only do they have to be mud terrain, but they also have to perform well on the road perform well in snow and ice perform. Well, on slick rock and also in mud and sand and and gravel roads, so the design of the tires have changed over the years. So what I brought today was six of what I consider top tier mud tires. The first tire we have over here is a Falken wild peak mt number, two knit otehr grappler mt number: three Firestone destination; mt number: four grabber x3 from general number: five BF goodrich much rain km3, which is a brand new tire and the Toyota country mt. So it depends on where you buy. It depends on where you buy these tires from, but none of them are budget tires because they're all quality built tires, but you're, probably looking at a similar lineage of what what the cost structure would be. So, from maybe the least expensive to most expensive, depending on the size, tires they're, not priced logically logic would tell you the bigger the tire, the more they would cost. Well, it's not always the case because they they price the tires based on you know, based on demand. For that tire, a really small car passenger tire might be more expensive than one of these mutterings. So you can't really. You know you can't really go by the size, but but most of the time, the way you see them lined up here is it's kind of like the price and hierarchy that they are depending on where you buy from so this is the Falcon wild peak empty. This tire is in the lower to mid priced range, very popular tire. They last a long time. They got a lot of fans, particularly out west. Some of the unique features that this tire has is. Obviously you can see the unique tread blocks and biting edges. We have some saiping in them in the middle of the tread, and that's for your rain in your snow traction stone, injectors, steppe, tread blocks so that, as the tire wears it stays stable. This is unique on this tire. It has a these ribs right. Here are a cooling rib so as a tire rolls these catch air and actually cool the tire. You don't have a big rim protector lip like you have on some of these other tires, but it does have this feature. It'S got some side by blocks on the outside three ply sidewalls. So it's a super strong tire really deep tread depth, so they last a long time. Okay, tread compound, not the not the greatest, but again we're on that middle to lower end of the spectrum. So here we have the Nitto terra grappler mt a very popular tire with enthusiasts, particularly because of the aesthetics. Some of the unique features that this tire has is. It has a little bit of saiping in the middle tread blocks. To give you a little more traction in in the snow and in the rain, and then it has, the outer tread blocks actually are separated, but have an inner structure that that hold them together to keep to keep the blocks from squirming. But it lets it flex. A little bit so you can get a little more traction on hard, dry, rocks and, and things like that, one unique feature about this tire is: it has two different sidewalls so, depending on, what's your sidewall, what you want your side, water, like it has one side. That'S very aggressive with side bikes and looks, and then the other side, that's not so aggressive. You also have a robust rim protector section here to protect those expensive wheels. What a lot of people don't know about Nitto is it's a wholly owned subsidiary of Toyo tires. So a lot of times when you see a Toyota tire, particularly on the truck side, they have a similar tread pattern to what an itto would have the next time we have Firestone destination. Mt you've got a lot of got a lot of Technology. In this tire, a lot of new things in this tire, you'll notice, that the tread blocks and the voids and the tread blocks are are placed differently than some of the other tires and that's mainly to increase biting edges. And, and so it can dig more. But at the same time deliver a more stable and quiet ride on the highway. The other unique feature about this tire is these little holes here, make it's terrible for winter, because that one of the things that mud tires are weak at is snow and ice driving, because there's no sipes. So you can see that this one is stubble and it has saiping in every tread lock to help with traction. These little ribs here are stone ejectors to keep from stones from from staying stuck in in the tread here, and here it has a side biting section mainly for for when you air down, there's really two purposes of these of these side sections when you air down, Particularly in sand and in deep snow, you actually get more traction from the balloon effect of the tire being air down, and you can actually progress easier when they're air down and it kind of digs more. The other thing that it does is, if you're, if you're on a trail and you're going through the rocks, these side loves, prevent the tire from getting pinched and busted. So it deflects the stone deflects, the rock, in a way where it moves the tire away to keep from getting pinched and busted. So that's a unique feature that these tires have. The next tire is a grabber x3, which is probably one of my favorite out of all these tires, but the grabber x3, as you can see, have a have a large void between the lugs. The lugs continue down the sidewall on to the side. It has an aggressive side lug so that you can air them down and get good traction off in the sand, and then the deep snow, but also you'll notice, that each side lug has a different height, and that makes it even more resistant to pinching. This tire has a tread compound, one of the better tread compounds, because it's it's got a silicon-based, tread compound that that that does really well in snow and in rain to try to compromise the fact that it's a mud, tire. The other thing is, if you see all these edges of these parallelogram - and you see all these biting edges that helps to dig and helps you get out of get out of money if you've ever seen this tire on any other YouTube videos, particularly the guys from Expedition Overland: you can see that they really they really put this tire through its paces and in every kind of terrain imaginable, and it performs excellent. It has stone ejectors, it has saiping, it has grooves in the in each one of these tread blocks. To give you more stability, but also be flexible, you know an Iraqi situation next time we have is the BF Goodrich km3, which a lot of people consider the best of all the tires it's highly debated, but this tire has a lot of technology in it too. What you'll notice about this tire, unlike some of the other tires, is a very little saiping in this tire, and what they've done is they've they've changed the compound to try to compensate for the lack of saiping in this tire. So it's got a even more aggressive type of silica compound just for good traction, so one unique features about this tire. The the structure of the tire is built so that when it's air down it can actually conform better to a rock or an obstacle. So it can envelope the it can envelope the obstacle sort of form around it, go over it and keep going so it can deform easily more easily than these other tires. Because of that that inner structure does have aggressive, side-biting lugs, probably one of the most aggressive side-biting look - does not have a rim protector. Certain sizes in this tire do, but this particular one this particular size doesn't, does have stone injectors and does have a computer. Basically, a CAD design, a acoustical, tread block pattern to reduce and always on the highway, so that you can use this tire every day. So the so the last unique feature about the km3 is the sidewall strength. They really beefed up the sidewall strength. It'S got three ply sidewalls, but this is one of those times where they've incorporated some of their technology from their race tires in Baja to this mud tire. So it's a really really tough time. The last time we want to talk about is a Toyo open country. Mt super super popular tire, particularly out west. We haven't seen a lot of these in our market until here recently, but it's a it's a good tire. Toyota'S, a Japanese company, good quality, looks very good. You can obviously see from the tread blocks on on this tire that there are a lot of biting edges and a lot of the ability to really dig in to that deep stuff and extract it on the way back out does have sipes between each really in Each tread block to enhance the traction, and you know, snowy and icy conditions again. These aren't the best tires for the conditions, but but they try to put some technology into compromise on that does have stone injectors in each tread groove to get rid of those stones. These tread blocks are unique because they extend down the side, so we have a really aggressive side biting on the side, but this is another tire that has two different sidewalls, depending on how you want it to how you want it to look on your truck or Your Jeep, you see these side lugs these two pieces right here. What that does is that that that just helps to keep from pinching on the sidewall, like we talked about before keeping those rocks from pinching and busting, the tire does have a rim protector to protect those expensive wheels really lasts a long time, particularly in heavy applications. Like 3/4 ton and 1 ton trucks, so it's a really good time, so toyou, open country MT is my favorite tire for those guys with heavier trucks. 3/4. 1 ton trucks guys that are really putting a lot of heavy heavy highway highway mileage on them, maybe towing a trailer. This is my favorite tire for that BF Goodrich km3 is my favorite tire for the guy who's. Maybe got a Jeep on one of the new jails or a JK with with a moderate lift on it. That really wants to do a lot of things maybe wants to go off-road in the in the in the mud, but also go off-road, and you know Moab Utah and some of these other places that are more challenging in different terrain. The general grabber x3 is, is my favorite, my favorite mud tire for everything else, because I have seen what this tire can do, based on what the other guys, particularly Expedition Overland, and some of these other guys have done with this tire. This is a this. Is a good tire for for anyone with with a with a Jeep, maybe a toyota FJ cruiser, maybe a toyota tacoma land cruiser somebody who really you really want serious traction, but has a vehicle that has a traction management system to help them plow through deep sand And mud and everything I also like this tire for sandy conditions may be at the Outer Banks being on the sand and fishing when it's aired down Firestone destination mt. This is my favorite tire for the guys who really really want to have an american-made tire. That is that looks good, that's different than what maybe everybody else has and and spend a lot of time, maybe in in muddy or terrain and not so much on rocks and not so much in the in the desert. Nitto tara, grappler mt. This is this is my favorite tire for the guy who has a lifted truck that never goes offroad, but he just likes the way that the tire looks because other than that, it's not really my favorite tire Falken wild peak mt. This is my favorite tire for the guys who think that Vulcan tires are good, particularly the guys up in Portland Oregon at Freeman Motor Company, not my favorite tire. I probably wouldn't buy a set of these with my own money. So if you like, what you see? Click the little subscribe button down below and give it a thumbs up or a thumbs down, and in any comments that you have I'm more than welcome to to answer them.

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