Do Not Buy Cheap Mud Tires!!!!

All right, so real, quick, I'm gon na make a very quick video. I pulled this for the quality, the quality and the sound quality. Sound clothes not very good either, but I'm gon na talk about just you know, one or two minutes why you do not buy a trail trail leads or for that matter any cheap. You know tire mud, tire specially. So basically, while tears in general are soft compound tires or like everyone knows that they wear fast and don't really last you want well. I was like a lot of people like researching tires. I know that research, nothing yeah, people aren't saying too bad things about these tires and whatnot. So I got a set of a 35 by 22 by 12 and a half for once. A $ 1200 1250 and you know toyou and T's - are like $ 2,100 to the same set up. You know so that's where I was. I was like ooh, I'm sick of these. You know them. Try them out, never again I'll, never buy. These cheap tires young because, first of all, you know they're marketed as a mud tire and they look like it, but they do not perform at all. Well. Mud at all, like I know, is a heavy truck everything, but for what you're getting I mean, if you never plan to go to mud you still your shits gon na wear out fast. So I have maybe six seven thousand miles. I'M just these set of tires and the Front's are doing alright yep our last one. Are you know, six thousand five thousand the backs are completely worn out. Can I tell what the sings they're completely shot already not shot completely, but but in our two thousand miles, they're gon na be pretty much gone, because yet mud cake did here right now, but yeah take more for it. They'Re not much love. What I'm getting that, though, is uh everybody who wants to get these cheap tires. I don't recommend it. I'D recommend just dishing out the extra money plus these things, I've seen blowouts on these and whatnot yeah. I just don't recommend I got off. You know for half for looks and then I started using my truck more more for work, and I got her. This stuff is all motor. Now we're doing some kind of look from and I think really table over. There got it back in somewhere, sunk right in uniform, I don't like gas up and for real. It'S pretty embarrassing, have a nice truck and came to Ghana. Some money cuz! You bought some shitty ass tires. So that's my rant and for tonight on the post. In a while I'll be I'll start posting more but uh my thoughts, so what you guys think and the Lucian combo so hate if you want whatever, but thank you

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