Lifted Miata Gets the CRAZIEST MUD TIRES!!

[, Music, ] [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], Applause, ], [, Music, ], [, Music ]. Is that not insane or what those are? By far the most aggressive tires? I'Ve ever laid my eyes on the treads are an inch and a half deep, a little bit more than an inch and a half they make. My current mud tires. Look like race looks like it's. It'S insane. This car is gon na, be so insane with the lock diff a little bit higher ride, height and move those tires. Those tires actually are bigger in diameter as well. So that'll give me more ground clearance. I'M sure a lot of you guys have noticed that those are ATV tires and I'm sure you've noticed that they're way too aggressive to drive on the streets. Thankfully, I actually have two spare steelies from when I changed front offset. I have two spare steelies 14-inch that those tires are gon na go on. Those tires are gon na be used strictly off-road on a trail, but that's it. They are rated to 1,200 pounds each so they're plenty strong to hold up the rally Miata. I know a couple of you guys we're concerned about that operating pressure on those guys is actually 12 psi, so they should ride nicely to off-road, not on the road but off-road in case you are wondering these are Maxis. Maxx zilla's and 28 by 9 are 14 they're literally like claws. I'M actually probably gon na make some sort of like bolt on mud flaps. So when we're off-roading, we can have mud flaps, because if we don't have mud flaps this, this cars and we'll even get covered in mud and like it'll, be impossible possible to wash wrong. So what we're doing today we're gon na go ahead, get those tires mounted onto my spare wheels and then we're gon na install the lock diff that we locked in the other video. It'S an open diff that we welded, which is gon na help a lot offroad. The only thing is that John's cars here and he had to take his ECU, so it doesn't run, and I can I push it forward and backward, but I can't really push it outside because there's a pill, I can't really get it back in [, Music, ], [, Music ] pretty much with this swap. I know I'm not going to be able to separate the PPF from the differential, so we're gon na have to drop the entire thing down as one unit we're gon na go ahead, get a shot so yeah [, Music, ], [, Music, ]. Oh, those things are so insane. New dip is on the new PPF. All dip PPF before we put those back in we're gon na, go mount the wheels and tires the hatch life. Is my friends lifted woody Crown Vic? He has that other lifted Crown Vic as well. Isn'T the same Crown Vic that we saw in the parking lot. I don't think so. He'S got two yeah he's got two lifted Rex, hey how many Miatas do you need? The answer is, all of them feel this thing I know doesn't know it doesn't roll it bounces all right. So we have to get this dip in and then we can test the dip first and then put those things on and just kind of drive it around. The parking lot Music ], so the dip itself and the PPF, the dip itself and the PPF went in really easily readers had trouble with the axles. Sadly, I kind of knew this was going to happen. The first time when we went to replace the boots on these axles, we ended up leaving the little cap that holds the like the internals of the axles off just because it was easier to get it on and off about that cap, because the the actual flange Could go back and forth more. The problem of that is that the ball bearings like to fall out when you're trying to put the axles on and then you're messing around in these ball bearings, there's grease everywhere, it's nasty and for some reason, this side axle just would not slide over the ball. Bearings like it would go over just fine when it was off of the flange, but when you try to put it on the flange with the ball bearings in it would not go over. So we had to heat it on with a mini sledge. That did the trick. It'S it's fine. Now, everything's, all good. We have a lock diff, but boy was it annoying? Oh yeah, it was successful, so you seem to Jared for the help I wouldn't have been able to do without you we're going to go ahead. Get some fluid put the fluid in put the new exhaust on and then we can drop her down and we can test everything: [, Music ]. She looks so badass from the front like this, especially when it's in the air, because it looks like it's so much taller and bigger than it really is: Music, ], Applause, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], it's quiet a little bit better, it's quiet, But I think it's still rattling or maybe raspy going south Music ] Music ]. Well, the diff is a success. Chirp-Chirp play a game called. Can we make it to the gas station all right? It'S so much better! So much better! Oh yeah! You can really feel should have felt it in the RX engines: it schools what it is. We took nine gallons, Oh a car with nine, but it only gets fifty miles per gallon. So don't be too happy so yeah. The welded F is definately welded. It'S funny with the exhaust fix I actually enjoyed driving the car now with the welded, if more than I did before. The welded f just goes to show that little things like a rattling exhaust can really change how much you enjoy a car. That'S it for today. Tomorrow, I'm coming and putting the tires on so see you guys tomorrow, Music, ], Applause, ], [, Music, ], holy crap, very, very close up front might end up trimming some more. These are an inch bigger in diameter. I'M sure you guys really want to see me drive it on the street, but I'm genuinely afraid of like breaking an axle with these tires and the world of death. These tires are really big, really knobby and there are really soft grippy compound. So I'm worried that it's just gon na break these axles, like a twig, because these axles are tiny, so I'm not gon na drive it on the street and it would be miserable anyway. I do want to back it up a little bit. Just let me get it out in the light: Music ] - I don't know if you guys can see, but the car literally goes like this. When you drive on these, it's like Mythbusters driving on a square wheel. I swear it Music ] that it's kind of crazy. Actually, it's really crazy. It'S gon na be rough. Quite frankly. Hopefully, when I lower the tire pressure when we're, actually you know off-road they'll ride a little bit smoother and if it's in mud it will ride a little bit smoother but like on dirt. It'S I generally think like with the lock dip in these tires. We'Re gon na have trouble getting stuck like these things are gon na be able to push this a little 2,000 pound car through a lot of crap. I'M hoping that I'm gon na be able to test these tires out really soon. The problem is that winter is being a jerk and it's it's still fun. Frickin freezing next Monday, it's a high of 10 degrees, a low of like negative 5. I thought the negatives were over, but no it's March, it's almost March. Actually, next Monday it will be March, it's ridiculous, negative temperatures in March. Oh, I hate Illinois as soon as it's in like the 30s or the 40s. I will go off-roading, but I'm not going off-roading in negative degrees. All right, I'm sorry! I have to be outside filming. Actually, I wouldn't even be the one filming one of my friends would have to be outside the car filming and that would just suck anyway guys and girls. That'S gon na, be it for two. No, oh, it's okay! Oh my god. I literally had a dream. Last night or I dropped my phone in one of the corners like just just I'm gon na get a case as soon as I can I'm ordering case. As soon as I go, oh yeah, that's gon na, be it for this video locked. If is installed new tires are here installed, those things are gon na, be rowdy hope you guys did enjoy this video. If you did, please give it a like. If you didn't, please give it a dislike. If you're new to the channel, please consider subscribing yeah, that's pretty much it peace out guys I'll next time! Thank you! So much for watching and Music ] Applause, ], [, Music, ], Applause, ], [, Music, ],

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