The BEST Mud Tires Compared General Grabber X3, BF Goodrich KM3, Plus Toyo, Nitto, Firestone, Falken

Hi I'm Matt McMurray with Campus automotive in Blacksburg Virginia today we have a comparison on some popular mud tires based on recommendations and comments on the on the other. Video that we did on the all-terrain tires. Mud tires have changed a lot over the years. They have a lot more technology in them than they used to have because they have to do so much more because now not only do they have to be mud terrain, but they also have to perform well on the road perform well in snow and ice perform. Well, on slick rock and also in mud and sand and and gravel roads, so the design of the tires have changed over the years. So what I brought today was six of what I consider top tier mud tires. The first tire we have over here is a Falken wild peak mt number, two knit otehr grappler mt number: three Firestone destination; mt number: four grabber x3 from general number: five BF goodrich much rain km3, which is a brand new tire and the Toyota country mt. So it depends on where you buy. It depends on where you buy these tires from, but none of them are budget tires because they're all quality built tires, but you're, probably looking at a similar lineage of what what the cost structure would be. So, from maybe the least expensive to most expensive, depending on the size, tires they're, not priced logically logic would tell you the bigger the tire, the more they would cost. Well, it's not always the case because they they price the tires based on you know, based on demand. For that tire, a really small car passenger tire might be more expensive than one of these mutterings. So you can't really. You know you can't really go by the size, but but most of the time, the way you see them lined up here is it's kind of like the price and hierarchy that they are depending on where you buy from so this is the Falcon wild peak empty. This tire is in the lower to mid priced range, very popular tire. They last a long time. They got a lot of fans, particularly out west. Some of the unique features that this tire has is. Obviously you can see the unique tread blocks and biting edges. We have some saiping in them in the middle of the tread, and that's for your rain in your snow traction stone, injectors, steppe, tread blocks so that, as the tire wears it stays stable. This is unique on this tire. It has a these ribs right. Here are a cooling rib so as a tire rolls these catch air and actually cool the tire. You don't have a big rim protector lip like you have on some of these other tires, but it does have this feature. It'S got some side by blocks on the outside three ply sidewalls. So it's a super strong tire really deep tread depth, so they last a long time. Okay, tread compound, not the not the greatest, but again we're on that middle to lower end of the spectrum. So here we have the Nitto terra grappler mt a very popular tire with enthusiasts, particularly because of the aesthetics. Some of the unique features that this tire has is. It has a little bit of saiping in the middle tread blocks. To give you a little more traction in in the snow and in the rain, and then it has, the outer tread blocks actually are separated, but have an inner structure that that hold them together to keep to keep the blocks from squirming. But it lets it flex. A little bit so you can get a little more traction on hard, dry, rocks and, and things like that, one unique feature about this tire is: it has two different sidewalls so, depending on, what's your sidewall, what you want your side, water, like it has one side. That'S very aggressive with side bikes and looks, and then the other side, that's not so aggressive. You also have a robust rim protector section here to protect those expensive wheels. What a lot of people don't know about Nitto is it's a wholly owned subsidiary of Toyo tires. So a lot of times when you see a Toyota tire, particularly on the truck side, they have a similar tread pattern to what an itto would have the next time we have Firestone destination. Mt you've got a lot of got a lot of Technology. In this tire, a lot of new things in this tire, you'll notice, that the tread blocks and the voids and the tread blocks are are placed differently than some of the other tires and that's mainly to increase biting edges. And, and so it can dig more. But at the same time deliver a more stable and quiet ride on the highway. The other unique feature about this tire is these little holes here, make it's terrible for winter, because that one of the things that mud tires are weak at is snow and ice driving, because there's no sipes. So you can see that this one is stubble and it has saiping in every tread lock to help with traction. These little ribs here are stone ejectors to keep from stones from from staying stuck in in the tread here, and here it has a side biting section mainly for for when you air down, there's really two purposes of these of these side sections when you air down, Particularly in sand and in deep snow, you actually get more traction from the balloon effect of the tire being air down, and you can actually progress easier when they're air down and it kind of digs more. The other thing that it does is, if you're, if you're on a trail and you're going through the rocks, these side loves, prevent the tire from getting pinched and busted. So it deflects the stone deflects, the rock, in a way where it moves the tire away to keep from getting pinched and busted. So that's a unique feature that these tires have. The next tire is a grabber x3, which is probably one of my favorite out of all these tires, but the grabber x3, as you can see, have a have a large void between the lugs. The lugs continue down the sidewall on to the side. It has an aggressive side lug so that you can air them down and get good traction off in the sand, and then the deep snow, but also you'll notice, that each side lug has a different height, and that makes it even more resistant to pinching. This tire has a tread compound, one of the better tread compounds, because it's it's got a silicon-based, tread compound that that that does really well in snow and in rain to try to compromise the fact that it's a mud, tire. The other thing is, if you see all these edges of these parallelogram - and you see all these biting edges that helps to dig and helps you get out of get out of money if you've ever seen this tire on any other YouTube videos, particularly the guys from Expedition Overland: you can see that they really they really put this tire through its paces and in every kind of terrain imaginable, and it performs excellent. It has stone ejectors, it has saiping, it has grooves in the in each one of these tread blocks. To give you more stability, but also be flexible, you know an Iraqi situation next time we have is the BF Goodrich km3, which a lot of people consider the best of all the tires it's highly debated, but this tire has a lot of technology in it too. What you'll notice about this tire, unlike some of the other tires, is a very little saiping in this tire, and what they've done is they've they've changed the compound to try to compensate for the lack of saiping in this tire. So it's got a even more aggressive type of silica compound just for good traction, so one unique features about this tire. The the structure of the tire is built so that when it's air down it can actually conform better to a rock or an obstacle. So it can envelope the it can envelope the obstacle sort of form around it, go over it and keep going so it can deform easily more easily than these other tires. Because of that that inner structure does have aggressive, side-biting lugs, probably one of the most aggressive side-biting look - does not have a rim protector. Certain sizes in this tire do, but this particular one this particular size doesn't, does have stone injectors and does have a computer. Basically, a CAD design, a acoustical, tread block pattern to reduce and always on the highway, so that you can use this tire every day. So the so the last unique feature about the km3 is the sidewall strength. They really beefed up the sidewall strength. It'S got three ply sidewalls, but this is one of those times where they've incorporated some of their technology from their race tires in Baja to this mud tire. So it's a really really tough time. The last time we want to talk about is a Toyo open country. Mt super super popular tire, particularly out west. We haven't seen a lot of these in our market until here recently, but it's a it's a good tire. Toyota'S, a Japanese company, good quality, looks very good. You can obviously see from the tread blocks on on this tire that there are a lot of biting edges and a lot of the ability to really dig in to that deep stuff and extract it on the way back out does have sipes between each really in Each tread block to enhance the traction, and you know, snowy and icy conditions again. These aren't the best tires for the conditions, but but they try to put some technology into compromise on that does have stone injectors in each tread groove to get rid of those stones. These tread blocks are unique because they extend down the side, so we have a really aggressive side biting on the side, but this is another tire that has two different sidewalls, depending on how you want it to how you want it to look on your truck or Your Jeep, you see these side lugs these two pieces right here. What that does is that that that just helps to keep from pinching on the sidewall, like we talked about before keeping those rocks from pinching and busting, the tire does have a rim protector to protect those expensive wheels really lasts a long time, particularly in heavy applications. Like 3/4 ton and 1 ton trucks, so it's a really good time, so toyou, open country MT is my favorite tire for those guys with heavier trucks. 3/4. 1 ton trucks guys that are really putting a lot of heavy heavy highway highway mileage on them, maybe towing a trailer. This is my favorite tire for that BF Goodrich km3 is my favorite tire for the guy who's. Maybe got a Jeep on one of the new jails or a JK with with a moderate lift on it. That really wants to do a lot of things maybe wants to go off-road in the in the in the mud, but also go off-road, and you know Moab Utah and some of these other places that are more challenging in different terrain. The general grabber x3 is, is my favorite, my favorite mud tire for everything else, because I have seen what this tire can do, based on what the other guys, particularly Expedition Overland, and some of these other guys have done with this tire. This is a this. Is a good tire for for anyone with with a with a Jeep, maybe a toyota FJ cruiser, maybe a toyota tacoma land cruiser somebody who really you really want serious traction, but has a vehicle that has a traction management system to help them plow through deep sand And mud and everything I also like this tire for sandy conditions may be at the Outer Banks being on the sand and fishing when it's aired down Firestone destination mt. This is my favorite tire for the guys who really really want to have an american-made tire. That is that looks good, that's different than what maybe everybody else has and and spend a lot of time, maybe in in muddy or terrain and not so much on rocks and not so much in the in the desert. Nitto tara, grappler mt. This is this is my favorite tire for the guy who has a lifted truck that never goes offroad, but he just likes the way that the tire looks because other than that, it's not really my favorite tire Falken wild peak mt. This is my favorite tire for the guys who think that Vulcan tires are good, particularly the guys up in Portland Oregon at Freeman Motor Company, not my favorite tire. I probably wouldn't buy a set of these with my own money. So if you like, what you see? Click the little subscribe button down below and give it a thumbs up or a thumbs down, and in any comments that you have I'm more than welcome to to answer them.

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