What is the BEST MUD TIRE?

Family day see Bigfoot up there, we must made it all uphill. I can tell you that I am out of shape. I feel not good. We need some work people. We need some work. Okay, I had to keep walking the baby. Even we've reached the summit. I'D take my hat off. I don't know why I wear that stupid hat anyway, super hot, my hair's, crazy guys. I know my hair's crazy, but no matter what I'm doing, no matter what video I'm filming working on the truck any kind of a fan on the road trucking. It all comes down to this. Well guys check out this flare stack right here, it's crazy! I should have filmed it coming up the hill. There was like six of these things everywhere. That thing is ripping, but this pad is super busy man. There is so much going on here. They got flour stacks like that everywhere. It'S super cool. All right guys check this out. I was at the wrong place on top of the hill. This is definitely one of the craziest least roads. I'Ve been on it's. Like a, I mean it's pretty tight, but I'm super muddy. Oh yeah supercool. Look. They got another flare stack going up there, you see it through the trees. There'S flair stocks going everywhere here and they are ripping got some trucks up here. It'S super soft. I bet you. People were sinking see that flower stack just ripping up there huh. This isn't much of a pad. This is more of like a flare stack situation. Let me go find my guy. We made it through the carwash had a couple of runs today. Really good awesome truck got trashed warm day. Today. Again, we had a warm day yesterday, but it was a family day, so today I'm taking the warm weather and I'm taking this time to spray off the salt underneath of the truck. That is probably the one thing I always try to do is get underneath and spray the salt off okay. So I'm in a dilemma, and I'm asking for you guys to help me out on this. I need some real-world actual advice and real results. I'M at [ Music, ] Starbucks. I definitely have a problem: okay, no, but for real. I need your help. What is the best mud tire? Now? I'M gon na explain a little bit real quick. I need a mud tire. Some are you're gon na say why the heck. Do you need a mud tire if you just seen my last clip a couple Clips ago when I was delivering this morning, I get in some. You know rugged terrain situations where it's not always the best conditions. So I'm going with a mud, tire and right now I need tires. I did a few too many burnouts and I need tires, especially because my inspections, gon na run out my tires, are getting low. I couldn't get any traction today. I almost got stuck. I need tires for a list of reasons, so I'm calling on you guys, I'm using the platform of YouTube to help me decide what kind of mud tires should I go with. I know a little bit about tires, but I'm looking for some actual results. Some real feedback from real-life people who run mud tires. I get that a mud. Tire doesn't really last that long tread wear wise, but I need one right now. Currently in my life, I do like the stock wheel. Look, so that's not an issue for me. I'M gon na do that. I'M gon na run that for a little while a few videos ago, I posted some things about tires. Oh, it was a quick little thing. I was mentioning you know like a natural blade, MT and XT. Maybe a BFG, you guys were giving me some great feedback, so the sole purpose of this video here is to get you guys to interact with this video, and, let me know your thoughts on mud tires now. This is gon na be my winter set. So I do not want to spend all my money on a set of super expensive tires to just to just run for a few more months, but I do want a good tire. I don't want to have balance issues. I don't want to have weird irregular. Tread. Wear with issues which I do know that some super cheap mud tires, they don't balance correct. They ride like crap, they're super loud and they're, just overall, a super junky tire, I'm not looking for like bottom of the barrel, so guys I am calling on you. Let me know what kind of tires you guys are running mud, tire, there's a whole list of Arty's eighties XTS, all of those I'm going mud tire right now. I know there's like a zillion videos on YouTube. Talking mud tires. I don't care about those videos. I want to hear what you guys have to say about the tires, so let's see it in the comments, I want to see what kind of tires you guys are running. What is the best mud tire, but that is about it for today guys real quick. Do me one favor, give this video a thumbs up and hit that subscribe button and join the modern diesel family. Go follow me on instagram at modern diesel kori, which will be the second link in the description, and the first link will be our merch. If you guys are interested in modern diesel merch its super cool super awesome, super sweet, go check out our merch line and help support the channel. I would greatly appreciate it. You guys are awesome out there, but I have a few things to do here in the garage. As always, I will catch you on the next one: [ Music, ]

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